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“California Chrome”

As I watched California Chrome and his owners celebrate their victory in the Preakness this weekend it occurred to me how truly remarkable their story is and how this horse’s story so symbolizes everything that we believe in as Americans. Two hard working guys buy an $8,000 dam and breed her for $2,500 to a […]

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Creative People

Creativity manifests itself in many ways and I am constantly amazed by the creativity of the Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, and Land Surveyors that I have the pleasure of working with every day. Each year our leadership team takes a couple of days to get away from the office to spend some quality time together […]

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Spring Forward

As I went through the annual ritual of “springing my clocks forward” this week I reflected on how much I enjoy this time of year. The warming temperatures over the past couple of days have been the icing on the cake. For me, the past 4 months have been a microcosm of the past 6 […]

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Sustainability Redux

Any building should now, and always, be desirable; therefore, we should be in the business of making desirable buildings. There is some value in appreciating a job well done, and pleasure in the recognition of others; however, if it is truly a desirable building, it will be evident. Clear manifestations of acute judgment, successful measurement, […]

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Employees Meet Requirements for License

Balzer and Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that Daniel Hansen and Kent O’Donohue have met the requirements to become licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mr. Hansen is a graduate of Radford University and has been employed with us since May 2005. Daniel is currently employed in the Land Surveying department in the Shenandoah […]

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New Flood Insurance Premiums May Inundate You

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is implementing changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) which may require you to add flood insurance to your property or significantly increase the amount you pay for flood insurance if you already have it. You may have received a letter from your local government about this or […]

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Our Clients Are Our Friends

Pete came by the office the other day. Pete is a former public sector client and old friend. His father passed away a few weeks ago and he and his siblings are trying to figure out how best to dispose of an asset their father owned. This particular asset is a nice piece of property between Fredericksburg […]

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Bring Me A Hoe!

When I was a youngster I remember visiting my grandparents with my siblings one summer day. My grandfather was working in the yard as we played and suddenly he yelled “BRING ME A HOE”. One of us ran and grabbed the garden hose that was coiled up beside the house and promptly dragged it to […]

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Play Ball!

Anyone involved in the private sector Architecture, Engineering and Surveying industry over the past five years knows what a struggle it has been to keep our businesses afloat. Staff reductions, benefit modifications and expense reductions have taken their toll on employee morale and most of us have been in “hunker down” mode. As we begin […]

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Goodman Appointed Corporate Vice President

The Board of Directors of Balzer and Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that Stephen “Taylor” Goodman, Jr. has been appointed a corporate Vice President. Mr. Goodman has been with our company for 7 years. Taylor is a Virginia Tech graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree and became a Professional Engineer in 2004. In […]

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