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Great benefits, including holidays, PTO, medical insurance, and dental insurance.

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Excellent opportunity for enthusiastic individuals to join a team of professionals in applying the latest technology to help our clients solve their most challenging problems.

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Do you love and have the skills to work with AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop. Revit, Sketch-up, Photoshop?

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Balzer & Associates, Inc. Offers Apprenticeship Program Oppertunities

Balzer and Associates, Inc. is offering a Registered Apprenticeship Program for Land Surveying Technician for high school juniors and seniors; and adults. The program offers comprehensive on-the-job training (OJT) for students beginning their high school year as a junior and continues one or two years beyond graduation. The student is compensated by Balzer and Associates, Inc. for all on-the-job training.

The program also offers academic related instructions (RI) taught in high school during the junior and senior year. The apprentice will take additional job-related courses that compliment the OJT training experience, as a supplement to the required RI.  Once the student completes their apprenticeship, they will have earned valuable knowledge and hands-on experience to enter the workforce in a growing career.

Balzer and Associates, Inc. encourages their employees to continue their formal education and enhance their job skills by offering tuition reimbursement and continuing educational bonus programs.