“California Chrome”

“California Chrome”

???????????????????????????????As I watched California Chrome and his owners celebrate their victory in the Preakness this weekend it occurred to me how truly remarkable their story is and how this horse’s story so symbolizes everything that we believe in as Americans. Two hard working guys buy an $8,000 dam and breed her for $2,500 to a sire from a good racing bloodline. The resulting colt in three weeks will compete for the Triple Crown. This didn’t “just happen”. It happened because everyone involved, the owners, the trainers, and the jockey, believed in the horse and worked hard to achieve this level of success.

At Balzer and Associates, Inc. we believe in our employees’ and clients’ dreams and we work hard to help them achieve them. Next month we will open an office in Harrisonburg, Virginia and we look forward to meeting new people and working hard to earn their confidence, their friendship, and their trust. Our Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Land Surveyors may not know their way around a racetrack, but when it comes to effort, I’ll bet on them every day! Here’s wishing the best to California Chrome and his owners…Win one for all of us!

Btw…the picture is not of California Chrome, it’s of my daughter’s horse, Colby.

Jim McAden

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