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Balzer & Associates, Inc.

Providing 50 years of service throughout Virginia and surrounding states

What We Do

Serving Clients from initial site selection through completion of Design Development and Construction, Balzer and Associates, Inc. offers 50 years of service throughout Virginia and surrounding states, with offices in Richmond, Roanoke, Harrisonburg, Staunton, and New River Valley.

We are committed to

relationship Personal Client Relationships 
professionaldelivery Professional Delivery 
enjoyableworkplace Enjoyable Workplaces 
socialnetworking Learning, Innovation, & Interaction 
communityoutreach Community Advocacies & Outreach

No client has a project that is too big, too small, too complicated, or too modest for us at Balzer and Associates, Inc. We pride ourselves in our commitment to unprecedented client service. We make ourselves available as consultants and as partners throughout the entire life of every project.

At Balzer and Associates, Inc., we are determined to deliver exceptional solutions and design ideas within strict time constraints for our clients. Our multidisciplinary company allows us to utilize a collaborative process when approaching your project and ensures that we will exceed your expectations when delivering design solutions and services.

We work hard to find the right team members to join us at Balzer and Associates, Inc. to contribute to our mission of serving the community. In doing so, we recognize our employees as the essential pillars to our development and success. We maintain an ever-advancing, flexible, and responsive company culture and are focused on taking exceptional care of, not only our clients, but of our team.

We, at Balzer and Associates, Inc., prioritize continuing education for our staff and are continually progressing the technology and methods of our office procedures and design tools, striving to stay ahead of industry standards. We strive to not only make it easy for our clients to understand our project intentions through various design mediums, but also facilitate seamless communication throughout the process.

At Balzer and Associates, Inc., we are truly a local firm that is passionate about the communities in which we live and work. In and out of the office, we ceaselessly work toward positively shaping and refining the built environment for ourselves and for our neighbors.

…are the Hallmarks of our Company allowing a sustained reputation as being among the “best in the field” in Land Development Planning and Design.

A diverse staff, with high levels of enthusiasm, technical expertise and contemporary approaches to problem solving contributes to the continued success of our Company.

Team at Balzer And Associates, Inc.