Harvey Design Land Architects

Harvey Design Land Architects

Balzer and Associates, Inc. has joined forces with Harvey Design Land Architects

To increase our availability to our clients, we are teaming up with Harvey Design Land Architects (HDLA) in Lynchburg, VA. HDLA is a dynamic small business enterprise located in historic downtown Lynchburg with extensive experience in site planning and design services. They have served Virginia clients for thirty years with capabilities including: master planning, streetscape, revitalization, site analysis, low impact design (LID), working drawings, detailed site plans and signage design. HDLA values every client relationship and produces plans, drawings, cost estimates and schedules on a personalized basis.

The firm illustrates its commitment to sustainable design by analyzing land use, infrastructure, and other influential factors. For example, HDLA helps their clients offset stormwater fees by implementing innovative stormwater management solutions that treat runoff at the source. HDLA’s team offers diverse and effective solutions to meet individual client needs. While we are specialized in the profession of landscape architecture, our firm also produces 3D renderings, illustrations, booklets, brochures, marketing materials, contract documents and construction drawings.

Many clients have also benefited from HDLA’s grant writing success. Grant packages typically include in-depth narratives, visual aids such as before and ‘after’ perspectives, project booklets, and rendered site plans.

HDLA has worked closely with municipalities for 30 years with over 50 years of combined experience. They present to Town and City Councils and lead public input meetings and presentations. HDLA functions as a team with city staff, planners, engineers, and other allied professionals.

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